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At the heart of Vertu are fundamental differentiators, all of which can be found in everything that Vertu does: design, craftsmanship and materials, technology and services.
Vertu design is elegant and confident, celebrating the art of precision engineering. This is evidenced in everything from the balanced weight of the phone to the click of each button, as well as its overall aesthetic quality.
The materials range from the softest leathers to the hardest metals and it takes a true craftsman to successfully bring these together. Constantly innovating, Vertu uses materials never before used for mobile phones, such as sapphire crystal screens, that provide incredible strength as well as stunning optical performance.
Vertu believes in the application of relevant technology for customers, from the voice centric products to our the very latest smartphones. This is perhaps best characterised by the Vertu audio experience. This is unlike any other phone, whether suppressing background noises during a voice call or delivering audible alerts, performed for you by the London Symphony Orchestra.
Vertu services are defined as ‘Life’ and ‘Certainty’. This privileged world has been carefully curated by Vertu to provide customers with the utmost attention across all aspects of life. Highly personal, it is a globally renowned aspect of Vertu that once experienced, becomes simply indispensable.
All at the touch of a button.

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A DAVID ROSAS, Lda., encontra-se a desenvolver um projecto apoiado pelo FEDER no âmbito do Sistema de Incentivos à Qualificação e Internacionalização de PME, identificado com o nº 35406/2013.