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Luísa Rosas, born in a family of great tradition in high jewellery, has been her mother’s right arm in every step of the creation of David Rosas’ finest pieces, from their design to their actual production. In spite of this privileged role and proximity, Luísa Rosas never dreamt of having the inclination to become a designer of jewels herself.

In fact, her training as an architect drove her away from this particular art, leading her back into it in the end.

Her feelings towards her first collection made her realize how close architecture may be to high jewellery.


“Similarities between architecture and jewellery are enormous. However, the freedom to create without the constraints of architecture is very appealing (…) , although it doesn’t mean that creating a jewellery is easy!” - Luísa Rosas


And so a new vibrant and experimental brand is born within the segment of DAVID ROSAS Fine Jewellery – DAVID ROSAS Design Luísa Rosas.


Luísa Rosas puts great store on the informal experience and knowledge acquired over many years of family business and in particular accompanying the design and production of jewellery in the company of her mother. Her greatest satisfaction comes in feeling the originality and difference of her collections, identified as a specific category within the David Rosas universe.



BE Collection


“BE”, the very first jewel collection designed by Luísa Rosas, is inspired on cellular and organic shapes found in nature while drawing on the structural principles of architecture. The merging of these two discourses creates objects with a new stylistic language: young but timeless, rational but emotional. Here, each piece extends beyond its own reality to take on its own life becoming a new organic form in the process, a new being, alive and — “as surprising as life can BE”.


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SKIN Collection


Following the first collection – BE – inspired in the structure of cells, Luísa Rosas’ restless spirit has now dived in the underwater world where she has unveiled the theme for the new collection in the scales and complex and intriguing movements of sea creatures.

In absolute harmony with the concept of the brand, SKIN is unique and has a very particular personality.

Nature and its metamorphosis offer the magical set in which the collection comes to be: a deep and enigmatical world inhabited by creatures of the sea, which transform and adapt naturally. To be able to offer that same ability to women, by creating jewellery that would fit as a second skin, was the challenge Luísa Rosas set her mind to, and the result is now this truly innovative and surprising collection.

Thanks to a complex rotation system, carefully designed and flawlessly executed, SKIN pieces can be worn on both sides, allowing the woman to adjust the jewellery to her state of mind. SKIN offers her the possibility of changing skin whenever she wishes to. 


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Luísa Rosas


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