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Jeweller of feelings


Chaumet stands as the jeweller that celebrates feelings – first of all, love. All of the brand’s creations reflect that exceptional savoir-faire and unveil the art in the language of love.


The jewel of feeling aims to enchant, to celebrate and to seal moments, and it is the cornerstone of Chaumet’s collections:


Liens, symbol of union, of family or lover’s ties


Attrape-moi... si tu m’aimes, embodies the game of seduction


Le Grand Frisson, the abstract expression of love at first sight, an explosion of precious stones


Joséphine, the symbol of the power of feelings, of crowning love


Ever since its creation in 1780, the History of the House Chaumet blends in with that of France.

After having cooperated with Queen Marie Antoinette’s jeweller, the founder of Chaumet, Marie-Etienne Nitot, was soon to become a symbol of French aristocracy, seducing even the grandest of conquerors, Emperor Napoleon I, by becoming his official jeweller.

With the rise of the empire, the bee that embellishes Napoleon’s cape becomes one of Chaumet’s motifs and central theme to notable collections such as Attrape-Moi… Si tu m’aimes or the Bee My Love.


Today, in the heart of LVMH group, Chaumet continues to grow internationally with boutiques in all the major world capitals, such as Paris, London, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Moscow, and over 400 selling points throughout the world.









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